Sheree Barbat – Wellness Wonders

I cannot highly recommend Rebecca enough as an eCommerce Business Coach! I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Rebecca over one year ago when I was first at the very beginning of launching my online business and I have never looked back.
What I love about Rebecca, is her ability to simplify the process in a way to not make you feel so overwhelmed. Every session I have with Rebecca just keeps getting better and I am always in awe of her depth of knowledge around Digital Marketing, WooCommerce, SEO, Sales Funnels, Customer Profiling and more!
Rebecca is the real deal, committed to doing the work and genuinely wanting the best for her clients. You turn up and give 100% of you, and I guarantee she will give 200% of her!
Rebecca doesn’t follow fads, or follow the crowd – she uses tried and tested way’s that she knows works. Why? Because she has tried them, failed and learnt from the process over many years. Rebecca often says to me “It took me months to figure this out when I was first starting out, this is where I can help you cut months out of your journey”… and BOOM that’s where the power is in coaching!!
More importantly, Rebecca is focused on the long-term game for your business, which more importantly aligns to my own core values and principles around building a successful and sustainable lifestyle business.
I know I will continue to keep regular coaching sessions with Rebecca, because I understand the power in having a business coach and what they can do for your personal and business growth.