How to Signup for Siteground Web Hosting

Signing up for web hosting especially when you aren’t comfortable with technical lingo can be a bit intimidating.

To ease the overwhelm, I thought it would be a good idea to show you how you can sign up for SiteGround WordPress hosting.

Selecting a good host is essential to improving your website speed and also you’ll want to use a company that will help you when you’re stuck; SiteGround can help you with several of your needs.

One of the first steps, when you sign up for an account, is to select a plan. In this post we’ll be focusing on WordPress, SiteGround does support other platforms as well such as (Magento, Joomla, plus more).

Step 1: Pick a WordPress hosting plan

When you first sign up, Siteground will offer you a cheap monthly or annual rate. Depending on the country you are located in, the pricing below will be different. On the example below, currency is USD.

Be aware, this is a one time offer and when you renew the plan price will be significantly more expensive. So if your budget permits, I would suggest you sign up for a three year plan so you lock in the cheapest rate for the longest time possible. It will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

The Startup Plan is for those with one website that has minimal traffic, this is great if you are just starting out as your traffic will be lower.

The Growth Plan is the next level up if you have a bit more traffic plus you have more than one website. So if you are switching over a few websites from another host. This would be my recommendation as a great starting point.

The GoGeek Plan is great for larger sites with features such as e-commerce. It’s also great if you need a staging site and more advanced tech features.

SiteGround web hosting plans

Step 2: Link your domain (website address)

If you have an existing domain just put the address in the appropriate box.

If you need to signup for a new domain, I recommend you go with Crazy Domains. The usually have domains for a low cost and plus they give you free privacy.

Why would you want to have privacy? If you don’t have domain privacy anyone can look up your address and phone number that is associated with your website. Which is a spammers dream, so when you sign up with Crazy Domains make sure you activate privacy while you’re getting set up.

Once you have your domain ready, link it then head to the next screen.

Step 3: Final step

Select your payment terms and add your payment information. You’ll then be sent some additional information to your email. So check your email for important information.

Then you will be all set for getting signed up with you’re hosting.

Start setting up your WordPress hosting account with the button below:


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