Ecommerce Task Lists – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

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Handy ecommerce task lists to help you stay organised

I have created these daily, weekly and monthly Ecommerce Task Lists especially for women founders who run an online product shop.

If you are a solopreneur wearing #allthehats 👒👒👒 then you are probably juggling a LOT of different tasks every day, which can feel overwhelming and exhausting!

If you feel disorganised, or you’re just not sure what to focus on, then just know this… you are not alone! This is something many new business owners struggle with, which is why I created these daily, weekly and monthly business task lists.

These checklists have been organised by core business function and divided into separate lists by how often they should be completed – daily, weekly, and monthly. They are listed in order of importance below:

  • OPERATIONS Keeps your online store running
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE Addresses any problems / issues from customers
  • USER EXPERIENCE (UX) Update your site to be more user friendly
  • COLLECT DATA – Actively gather information
  • PLAN – Schedule for upcoming events
  • ANALYSE – Draw conclusions from the data you’ve collected.

Simply add this to the cart, fill out your details so I know where to email the checklists. Then print them out as a handy reference to remind you of what to do and when, so you keep on top of things.

Enjoy,  xo, Rebecca

P.S. If you feel like you need help with your business and would love an in-depth practical breakdown of these business tasks, an audit of your website, or help with developing your sales and marketing strategies, I’d love to be on your team. You can always book a business coaching session with me HERE.

Ecommerce Task Lists – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

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