Ecommerce Pre-launch Checklist

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Ecommerce Pre-launch Checklist

There is a LOT that goes into an eCommerce business launch. This Ecommerce Pre-launch Checklist is an invaluable business resources to help you confidently cross all t’s and dot all i’s for a seamless eCommerce website launch – without the doubt, worry or the stress!

The Launch Checklist Includes:

  • A business setup checklist to make sure you cover all the necessary legal requirements for starting a business
  • A website checklist to help you check off all the important aspects required to start selling and ensure your site is fully functional for your web visitors
  • A WooCommerce shop checklist to keep you focused on the most important tasks needed to setup your shop ready to sell
  • A few marketing and pre-launch ideas to help you as your prepare your content for marketing.

These individual checklist steps will take you through the fundamentals of getting you from business idea to launch.

But at any time, if you feel like you need more information and would love an in-depth, practical breakdown of these launch steps, including an audit of your website, or help with developing your marketing strategy, I’d love to be on your team.

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