Product Descriptions that Sell

Product Descriptions that Sell

With an online shop your web visitor doesn’t have the luxury of picking an item up to inspect it from different angles, or to ask the salesperson for additional information.

Your product descriptions can literally make or break a sale. Allow your products to ‘shine’ so your customer doesn’t feel she has to touch them, or see them up close in person. Try your best to answer all the potential questions they might have about that product.

It would be a shame if a potential customer came to your website and didn’t buy your items because your product descriptions left them wondering ‘what is this?’

Only write the most important information in the short description, for example if the product is a cushion what dimensions is it, what material is it made from and does it come with a cushion inner.

Keep your long product descriptions between 100-200 words and remember to include your main keywords for optimising the page for SEO. Don’t feel you have to be too serious either, try and have fun with it and bring your own brand voice in!

These ten questions below will come in handy as a quick reference as you begin to work on (or refresh) the product descriptions on your website!

Product Descriptions Checklist

1. What is this?

It may be totally obvious to you what the item is, but it might not be obvious to your customer. Make sure it is clear what it is, the features and benefits of the product for your customer.

2. What colour is it?

Don’t assume everyone’s computer monitor is calibrated the same. It is quite common for people to mix up Navy for Black. Again don’t assume, let the customer know.

3. How big is it?

As a buyer, I don’t want to guess if that cushion will be too big, or to wonder if that skirt will be too short. It is important to list the dimensions of the item in both the short description and the long description sections of the product page. It will help your customer visualise the item better.

4. What is it made from?

What fabrics, materials and techniques are used?

5. How do I care for it?

Can I wash and dry it? Does it need to be dry cleaned? Does the candle wick need to be trimmed in between burns?

6. What is it used for?

Is it decorative? Does it have a function? Both?

7. What does it feel like?

What’s the texture like? Is that necklace very heavy? Is the fabric on that shirt smooth and silky? Is that floor rug textured like a chunky knit jumper?

8. How does it work?

Is there a zipper? Is there a clasp? Is the strap adjustable? Does that body lotion come with a pump or a flip lid?

9. Will I get the EXACT item in the photo?

Is it a lifestyle photo showing other items not included, or do I get the exact item as pictured? Images mean everything, so if the customer is going to get something different than what they ordered, please tell them!  For example, if I have a lifestyle image of a candle on a stack of books with a wick trimmer next to it, you can say something like “this candle teams perfectly with the copper wick trimmer (not included, may be purchased separately).”

10. Do I really need this item?

Here is your chance to sell the benefits on how this product will solve their paint point (a.k.a. a frustration or struggle, make them feel better about themselves) and how they need this in their life. No novel is needed, but do your best to go beyond just bullet pointing the ‘features’ of the product.

Best of luck and have fun with it!

Oh and if you are interested in taking a deeper dive into this topic, you might be interested in the how to write irresistible product descriptions course.


2 thoughts on “Product Descriptions that Sell

  1. Jan Zac says:

    Hello, I saw your tweets and thought I will check your website. Have to say it looks very good!
    I’m also interested in this topic and have recently started my journey as young entrepreneur. I’m also looking for the ways on how to promote my website. I have tried AdSense and Facebok Ads, however it is getting very expensive. Can you recommend something what works best for you? I also want to improve SEO of my website. Regards, Jan Zac

  2. Savvy in Stilettos says:

    HI Jan, thanks for your comment and for subscribing to our Savvy Tribe. I agree it can become very expensive to promote your site on AdSense and Facebook, unless you have a specific strategy you are throwing money up in the air and hoping it will bring you traffic and sales. The best way to use Facebook Ads is to build a Sales Funnel and use it to fill up your funnel. I will be launching my 6 week Savvy Sales Funnel course at the end of January which you may be interested in. You’re on my list so stay tuned for more details in a few weeks. 🙂

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