Tips to Improve Your Shipping Process

Improve Your Shipping Process

It’s no secret that your shipping practices can make or break a website.Think back to your last online shopping experience.

Have you ever ordered something from an online store and when the parcel arrived it was poorly packed, with no care or attention given to you… the receiver of the parcel.

By contrast, have you ever received a parcel that was beautifully and carefully wrapped, with a handwritten note from the store owner?  I have, and it always makes me feel special and increases my desire to want to re-purchase from that store again in the future.

Make shipping a priority and your customers will be sure to buy from you again!

So let’s roll up our stylish sleeves and get your website into shipping shape!



Never overlook the fundamental aspect of building brand recognition whenever you can.  Labeling your products help make your items easily recognizable for customers enabling them to track down your work long after the initial sale. Think of a product you received and loved opening up the package!

  • Get crafty with swing tags. They add a professional touch and shows that customer you are in business!
  • Add a removable sticker with your logo or shop name to the back or base of products.
  • Try a custom stamp. Custom stamps are surprisingly affordable and can be handy if you produce paper goods. Find a design that matches your overall aesthetic, and use it as a subtle reminder to guide customers to your shop.

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