How Does Humm Finance Work?

With humm ‘Little things’, there are no credit checks and no interest payable ever.
You can be approved for a wallet of up to $2,000 instantly, and repay in 5 or 10 instalments, weekly or fortnightly.


You can read more about how humm ‘Little Things’ works HERE.

Read their FAQs to find out more information, and download the app to get started.


Let’s run the numbers

For example, if you were to finance $2,000 over 5 months, you could…

Repay in 5 or 10 instalments:  20 x $100 p/week, or 10 x $200 p/fortnight.


Is there a way to calculate what my repayments would be?

Yes, there’s a calculator on their How It Works page. Simply pop in the amount you’re planning to finance, and you can calculate the different repayment options based on different repayment periods.

How do repayments work?

With humm, repayments are spread over time – over 5 or 10 fortnightly repayments for humm ‘Little things’. When you apply, you nominate a funding source for repayments which can be a bank account, debit card or credit card. Once nominated, repayments are deducted automatically from the account when they fall due. The humm app shows a schedule of repayments so you can keep track.

Note: The repayment amount does not include a Monthly Fee of $8 which applies to payment plans over 5 months. Only a single monthly fee will be charged regardless of the number of active payment plans you have.  A Bill Transaction Fee of $2 applies to all BPAY transactions and will be collected with the first payment. This fee will not apply to any other type of purchase.

What deposit is required?

A deposit of 20% is required, unless you are an existing VIP customer. Any purchase balance that exceeds the $2,000 finance limit would also be added to your initial deposit.

You can sign up for humm HERE