How to Verify Your Domain with Facebook for IOS14 Apple Update


Apple IOS 14 Operating System Update

You may have already heard that there are changes coming in March 2021 with a major Apple IOS 14 operating system update.

These changes are related to collecting data via the Facebook pixel on your website which collects consumer data, which will impact your Retargeting Ads on Facebook.

If you have these ad types set up (which you should!) you need to verify your website domain to help reduce the impact these changes will have on your ads.

To verify your website domain – watch the short 3 minute video below as I guide you through the four quick and easy steps!

Before starting, you need to be logged into your Web Hosting account (ie. Site Ground, Go Daddy etc.) and also your Facebook business manager account.

Watch Video HERE

You can read more about the IOS14 change here:


Please note: As an eCommerce site you don’t have more than 8 conversion types. A conversion type is the “view content” or “add to cart” or “purchase” or “subscriber” etc., so there is nothing else you need to do as these won’t apply to you.

Just verify your domain in your Facebook Business Manager account as shown in the video.

I hope you found this helpful.


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