How To Add A New WordPress User

Add A New WordPress User

If you’re the only person running your website, you’ve probably never had to think about WordPress user roles. However, as you begin to grow your business and bring on other team members, you will need to give other people access to the back-end of your WordPress website.

Fortunately, adding a new user to your site is really easy!

Creating a new user account means you can give someone their own log in access to your website. The user role you assign will determine how much access and control you are giving them within your site. WordPress user roles are essential for controlling what actions the various users at your site are permitted to take

The highest level of access you can give someone is an Admin user role. Admin users can do everything to a WordPress site. Create, edit and delete content, install and delete plugins, add blog posts, products, change the website design and so much more. 

So, please use caution when creating a new WordPress administrator, as they will have total access to your website. You should only create a new Admin user if requested by technical support, or if your trusted web developer asks for one to be created.

Otherwise, other lower level user roles may be more practical such as an editor, author or contributor. If you want to learn more about what each of these user roles can do, you can read more about them in this post ‘WordPress User Roles (and why they matter).  

Let’s create a new user!

1  Go to Your Dashboard

From the dashboard in the back-end of your WordPress website, in the black column on the left click on the menu option called “Users”

2  Add a User

After clicking users, click “Add New”

3  Setup User Information

Make up a username for the person you are creating an account for.

  • Enter the person’s email address (this is required as WordPress will send them information regarding their new account to this address)
  • Enter the user’s name (try to make it something difficult to hack and never use ‘admin’ for a user name).
  • Password – either choose something yourself, or use a generated one from WordPress. The person will be able to set their own password later.
  • Make sure you have the “Send User Notification” box checked so that the user can get their notification to finish setting up their account.
  • Role – assign the appropriate user role
  • Finally, click “Add New User”

That’s it your new user will receive an email with their log in details and a link to complete the setup of their new account.

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