Welcome to the Email List Accelerator Project…

I’m SO thrilled you have joined me on this journey.  By the end of the Email List Accelerator Project, you will have created a powerful email marketing funnel, which will be a valuable business asset and free traffic source you OWN and CONTROL.

Essentially you will be building a ‘traffic tap’ that makes you money, which you can turn on or off whenever you want. The best part is, you only need to do the work ONCE and then it’s done! 

When you understand how to use the marketing tools and strategies I’ll be teaching you, your business will accelerate forward and you will become unstoppable. I promise you that!

Module 1 will begin next week, and in a couple of days you will receive an email with your training portal login details. So, while you wait for the list building project to begin, there are a few exercises I’d like you to complete which will set your compass direction for your business.

Total time:  Allow approximately 2 hours

You can download the Email Marketing Definitions HERE

To begin, click on each accordion section to view the instructions:

STEP ONE: (Allow 5 minutes)

Join me and the other the course members in our Facebook group. This community is a safe space to ask questions and seek feedback on the weekly lessons and action tasks. Together as a community we can support and empower one another!

Click the button below to request access to the Facebook Group. PLEASE NOTE: you must be logged into your own Facebook account before you click the link.

** Please allow up to 24-hours for access to be granted **


STEP TWO: (Allow 5 minutes)

Before we begin our journey, I’m going to ask you to make a declaration to yourself (and me) that you are ALL IN – that you will commit to setting aside the required time each week to watch every video lesson, to complete all the action steps and take massive imperfect action!

I do NOT want you to let this training end up on a virtual shelf collecting dust! 

DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT. Imperfect action done regularly, is what will accelerate your business forward, fast!

I’ve created a ‘Doing Declaration Statement which you can download below. You might also choose to post it in our Facebook group so I can see who the serious ‘doers’ are!  I’d also suggest you put it near your computer to regularly remind yourself.

STEP THREE: (Allow 30 - 40 minutes)

Before we begin Module one next week, I want you to spend a moment this week with a little dreaming and goal setting. This exercise is a LOT OF FUN!

Allow your mind to dream about what amount of revenue each month would truly set you free in your life? Don’t limit yourself to what you currently believe your business is capable of producing financially.

Watch the video below to identify your ‘Big Why’ for your business (this is your ANCHOR), and to figure out what your Freedom Metric is (this is your DESTINATION).

[DOWNLOAD]: The Big WHY + The Freedom Metric Worksheets

NOTE: If you prefer a spreadsheet version of the Freedom Metric, it is included in the spreadsheet file in Step Five.

STEP FOUR: (Allow 15 - 20 minutes)

This step is where you put on your market research hat, which will also be a bit of fun. You want to look for 3 – 5 competitors that have been established quite awhile and are ahead of you.

This will not only give you lots of ideas and inspiration but more importantly, it will help you uncover:

  • How the best in your field are doing it
  • Why people sign up to their email list
  • What email subject lines they use
  • What content they email
  • How frequently they email
  • How often they promote their products
  • Email design ideas and more.

Don’t skip this step. This preliminary research will really come in handy later on when you are planning your email content to nurture and grow your own list.

By the end of this video, you will understand how to analyse a sign up offer and identify the key components in an email. To help you, I’ve created an ‘Email Research Checklist‘ which you can download HERE.

Let’s dig on in.

STEP FIVE: (Allow 30 - 45 minutes)

I am going to assume your online shop has hundreds of products ready to sell. But when you advertise your entire shop catalog to everyone, you won’t connect with anyone in particular because your Ad is too broad, or you attract budget conscious shoppers which costs you a LOT of money for little return.

Watch over my shoulder, as I take you on a tour of my ‘Product Ladder Profit Calculator’… I think you are going to love this cool tool!

PLUGIN TIP: If you want to track your COST OF GOODS in WooCommerce, you can purchase an affordable COGS plugin  HERE.

Click the button below to open the ‘Product Ladder Profit Calculator’ spreadsheet in Google Sheets to work out your most profitable products.

NOTE:  Before using the file in Google Sheets, please make a copy [File, Make A Copy]. Then you can download the file to use on your computer as a Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) file.

TIME SAVING TIP:  You can quickly export all your products from your website to a spreadsheet.

Go to your website dashboard and click on PRODUCTS, All Products. Then click the EXPORT button at the top of the page. On the next screen, leave all settings as default and click the purple GENERATE CSV button to download your file. (Screenshot below).


STEP SIX: (Allow 5 minutes)

Woo hoo! 

Well done! You have now completed all the preparation steps and you’re ready to begin the project phase of building your marketing funnel.

Watch the video below for an overview of how to access the training portal and navigate through the modules and lessons.

You can access the training portal on the link below:


Module 1 will be available on Sunday 29th May at 2.00pm (AEST), so you can download the Trello project management board and get ready for the week ahead.

If you have any issues accessing the training portal, please let me know in the members Facebook group, or email me at: members@savvyinstilettos.com

I can’t wait to see you inside the training portal!

xo, Rebecca