How Well Do You Know Your Ideal Customer?

Do You Know Your Ideal Customer

How well do you know your ideal customers? One of the biggest struggles I see business owners have, is going around in circles unsure of exactly WHO their ideal customers are.

Often, when starting out in business, people try to market to everyone in the hope that this will attract more customers. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

It is essential you narrow down who you are speaking to and clearly identify the right people, so your marketing messages connect and resonate with them.

When you get absolute clarity around the customers you are targeting, what their frustrations or desires are, your marketing messages will resonate and connect with those people in a very powerful way. And when that happens, your sales conversion rates improve, your Ad costs will become cheaper, and you’ll find you are attracting your dream customers rather than those nightmare customers (you know the ones… they constantly complain or want a refund or leave bad reviews and so on).

Instead, would you like to become a customer magnet?

Now, if that has you thinking, ‘That’s awesome, but hooooow exactly do I do that?”…  

Well, the secret is to know your ideal customer as if they were your very best friend – your BFF.  Right down to the words they use to describe their challenges, desires and goals. In this way, you’ll be able to tailor your marketing activities and your content to speak directly to them and address their problems and offer solutions to it.

But instead, many business owners get so focused on WHAT they’re selling that they forget to think about WHO they’re selling it to. And that is ultimately a recipe for disaster.

First and foremost, you must know who your customer is and why they buy. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ attitude doesn’t work for marketing. By targeting everyone, you end up targeting no one and this leaves your audience indifferent and disengaged.

Only by having a clear picture of who you would like to connect with and sell your products to, can you then begin to adapt your marketing messages and have a strong impact on your target audience. This is the ultimate secret to sales success in the online world.

How do you get a deeper understanding of WHO they are and WHAT they need most?

There are no short cuts to this, sadly. It’s only by doing some research to find the data and then developing a customer profile to use as a compass for your marketing.

Every business should invest the time to create a Customer Persona (also known as a Customer Avatar, Customer Profile or Buyer Persona) that represents their Ideal Customer.  You can download a free Customer Avatar Worksheet in the Resource Library.

Let’s look at what makes an Ideal Customer different from other groups of customers?

What makes an ideal customer different from others?

  • They are easier to attract
  • Take minimal effort to keep
  • Become loyal and recurrent buyers

In other words, ideal customers are easier to attract, take less time and effort to keep, and naturally become loyal, recurrent buyers. This is by no means the “golden ticket” that will allow you to set your marketing strategies on autopilot and put your feet up, but ideal customers will give you a better return for the amount of effort (and money) you put into them.

The Qualities Of An Ideal Customer

When you look at your broader target market, your ideal customers already exist within it, as a more fine-tuned subset that requires deeper digging to find.  Your ideal customers are those who are most likely to be happy with their purchases, to come back for more, and to refer others to your business.

To help you get a better idea of who your ideal customers are, lets look at some of the most common qualities an Ideal Customer usually has.

  • They happily pay for what you offer
  • They appreciate what you do for them
  • They’re easy to communicate with
  • They don’t complain
  • They keep coming back
  • They recommend you to others

Characteristics Of Your Ideal Customer

While the qualities of your ideal customers are what makes them so special to your business, the real trick is finding them.

You will gather information on who they are based on their demographics (the “What” – which is the factual, social and economic data and includes everything from age, gender, and geographic location, to occupation, income level, and even their marital or family status) and their psychographics (the “Why” – this is the more personal information on how your customer thinks and feels).

When all these factors come together, they form a clear representation of WHO your ideal customers really are = the Big Picture.

Even though it does take some work to truly find out who they are, once you know, your business will thrive off these relationships and your sales will begin to skyrocket!.

Getting this clarity on exactly who you are marketing to, is one of the 4 core pillars of your Marketing foundation.

For a deeper understanding on how to develop your Ideal Customer Profile, and find out where to find information on their pain points, desires and other important psychographic data, you may be interested in joining our next Ideal Customer Course intake.

You can email me at:  info@savvyinstilettos.com for more information.

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