Why isn't my website converting

Why Isn’t My Website Converting?

  Perhaps you’ve been wondering ‘Why isn’t my website converting?‘ despite your marketing efforts, all the traffic you are driving to your site, or the hours of work you have put into creating your beautiful ecommerce shop. A website conversion happens when someone completes a pre-determined and desired action on your website, like buying a[read more…]

What to say to your customers when shipping times are slow due to Covid-19 restrictions

If you use an international supplier such as Aliexpress to fulfil your orders, you’d know that shipping times are much longer than normal due to Covid19 restrictions. As a result, you may be receiving emails from customers wanting delivery updates or irritated customers who are frustrated with these shipping delays. I’m often asked my opinion[read more…]

Benefits Of Live Chat For eCommerce

Looking for another way to communicate with your customers without adding a phone number to your site? While phone and email inquiries are still the norms for customer service, they may not be preferred. There are some anecdotal indications that customers would rather chat. If you don’t have live chat installed on your site yet,[read more…]

10 Tips to Improve SEO on WordPress

How can I improve my SEO Optimisation to rank better on Google? I got asked this question, a LOT! In the early days of my entrepreneurial journey I would read (okay, let’s face it glance) at an article about how to improve SEO optimisation on my website and my brain would go into overwhelm mode. SEO[read more…]

Tips to Improve Your Shipping Process

It’s no secret that your shipping practices can make or break a website.Think back to your last online shopping experience. Have you ever ordered something from an online store and when the parcel arrived it was poorly packed, with no care or attention given to you… the receiver of the parcel. By contrast, have you[read more…]

Product Descriptions that Sell

With an online shop your web visitor doesn’t have the luxury of picking an item up to inspect it from different angles, or to ask the salesperson for additional information. Your product descriptions can literally make or break a sale. Allow your products to ‘shine’ so your customer doesn’t feel she has to touch them,[read more…]