Micro Niches To Grow Your Online Shop

How To Use Micro Niches To Grow Your Online Shop

The concept of using micro niches to grow your online shop is a marketing strategy that is vital for an ecommerce product shop. As more and more information is added to the vast collection already on the internet, it becomes more difficult to reach an audience and make a mark. It’s also more difficult to[read more…]

Do You Know Your Ideal Customer

How Well Do You Know Your Ideal Customer?

How well do you know your ideal customers? One of the biggest struggles I see business owners have, is going around in circles unsure of exactly WHO their ideal customers are. Often, when starting out in business, people try to market to everyone in the hope that this will attract more customers. Unfortunately, this is[read more…]

Create a Customer Avatar + Worksheet

Defining Your Ideal Customer in eCommerce There’s a lot of information out there on defining your ideal customer, but most of it isn’t written for you. It’s generally written for bloggers, business coaches, and service based businesses. While an eCommerce business can benefit from many of the same best-practices, some of the information written in[read more…]