The Benefits of Using Klaviyo for E-commerce Shops

As a business owner, marketing your product is crucial for success. But with a small budget, it can be challenging to drive traffic to your online shop. This is where email marketing can be a game-changer for your business. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also has the ability to drive high-quality traffic to[read more…]

Task Batching and Time Blocking

Work Smarter Not Harder, With Task Batching and Time Blocking

Have you heard about task batching and time blocking before? It’s a great productivity hack that helps you get more done in less time. If you are a procrastinator or get easily distracted by ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’… then this is going to be a game changer for you! Being ‘busy’ isn’t the same as being[read more…]

digital marketing

How do you market your business without spending any money?

If I told you that you could bring in thousands of people into your online shop every month (or week!) without spending a single dollar, would you believe me? It sounds a bit like a pipe dream doesn’t it. Most online shop owners, however, have been conditioned to believe the only way to bring significant[read more…]

social media online shop templates

Create a Brand That Sells With Social Media Online Shop Templates

Do you have an online shop selling physical products, but feel stuck when it comes to planning your social media content? Allow me share my top tips on using Social Media Online Shop Templates to elevate your brand and increase your ecommerce store appeal. Whether you sell your own handmade products, or you hold stock[read more…]

Micro Niches To Grow Your Online Shop

How To Use Micro Niches To Grow Your Online Shop

The concept of using micro niches to grow your online shop is a marketing strategy that is vital for an ecommerce product shop. As more and more information is added to the vast collection already on the internet, it becomes more difficult to reach an audience and make a mark. It’s also more difficult to[read more…]

Why isn't my website converting

Why Isn’t My Website Converting?

  Perhaps you’ve been wondering ‘Why isn’t my website converting?‘ despite your marketing efforts, all the traffic you are driving to your site, or the hours of work you have put into creating your beautiful ecommerce shop. A website conversion happens when someone completes a pre-determined and desired action on your website, like buying a[read more…]

Do You Know Your Ideal Customer

How Well Do You Know Your Ideal Customer?

How well do you know your ideal customers? One of the biggest struggles I see business owners have, is going around in circles unsure of exactly WHO their ideal customers are. Often, when starting out in business, people try to market to everyone in the hope that this will attract more customers. Unfortunately, this is[read more…]

Wordpress Favicon

What is a Favicon and Why You Need One

I’m often asked what a favicon is (weird word huh!) You have probably seen many favicons before, even if you didn’t realise what they were. A favicon (pronounced “fave-icon”) is a small, square image that represents your brand which is used by web browsers to show a graphical representation of the site being visited. It[read more…]

How to Verify Your Domain with Facebook for IOS14 Apple Update

  Apple IOS 14 Operating System Update You may have already heard that there are changes coming in March 2021 with a major Apple IOS 14 operating system update. These changes are related to collecting data via the Facebook pixel on your website which collects consumer data, which will impact your Retargeting Ads on Facebook.[read more…]

What to say to your customers when shipping times are slow due to Covid-19 restrictions

If you use an international supplier such as Aliexpress to fulfil your orders, you’d know that shipping times are much longer than normal due to Covid19 restrictions. As a result, you may be receiving emails from customers wanting delivery updates or irritated customers who are frustrated with these shipping delays. I’m often asked my opinion[read more…]